Your questions and my answers

My point is this, my insights from more than 30 years of living with my cancer and its effects To provide, in the hope that they will provide support to others. Especially at the beginning of a diagnosis or when making decisions for or against surgery, my informations hopefully should help you.
Please keep in mind, however, that my findings are subjective and may not apply to you, and of course medical professionals should always be consulted.

You are welcome to leave your questions, opinions, criticisms, and suggestions for further content via the contact form or e-mail. Depending on the volume, I will try to answer them promptly. However, I ask you to refrain from medical questions.

Due to my many years of working in the IT sector, this topic is naturally of interest to me. I had already had professional contact with it and was fascinated, but also warned, by the results that “predictive analytics” could deliver. I use various AI tools with search engines for research, source code generation, etc.
For example, I learned how e-books should be structured, and I also used various tools to create my suggestions for titles or headings from the different results.

But NO – the texts in the e-books are definitely created by me and not generated.
Since I am not an author or a writer, I ask for your indulgence in spelling and grammatical errors. If you spot any, I would appreciate it if you let me know so I can correct them.

Since I am not a native speaker, I used tools for the translation. I hope the texts are not entirely devoid of meaning and are also easy to read in English. If you discover any errors, I would be pleased if you would write to me to correct them.

I honestly tried but then failed because of the readability of my texts. I ask you not to see this as a lack of appreciation for other genders.

If your question is not answered, you can always reach me via the contact form or send me an email to: info@getthroughcancer.com send me an email!

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