My motivation - Why I created this website!

Why does this website exist?


I have struggled with my disease for over 30 years of my life – the last few of which have been very intense.
In the process, after various operations and therapies, I was able to gain one or the other experience and master some challenges.
Over time, this has resulted in many insights that may or may not have been helpful. Many ways were successful or for nothing, and many decisions were good or bad. And, of course, many things in between.

Again and again, questions arise from other affected persons or their relatives about these topics. I tried and still try to help and support as best I can. My motivation is to share my subjective experiences, which are no substitute for expert medical opinions.

I have long toyed with creating a website that collects these experiences and makes them available to interested parties so that as many people as possible can benefit from them.

In my disability pension, I have now found the time to implement this and thus also use my time wisely. I hope the information on this page is useful and a little support for those affected and their relatives. Especially at the beginning of a journey with cancer, many questions arise. But even after that, you are constantly confronted with new challenges. I hope that one or two pieces of advice will be there for you and help you to overcome one of these challenges more easily. I have planned the following topics I would like to cover in more detail in my e-books or blogs.

Other possible content would include:

  • Unilateral and bilateral diaphragmatic paralysis
  • Oxygen around the clock – how does that work?
  • Therapies: Speech therapy, physio-, ergo- and osteopathy, respiratory physiotherapy.
  • the effects of irradiation
  • Dealing with cardiac arrhythmias, blood pressure attacks and tachycardia
  • Systemic treatment with TKIs
  • Chronically ill at work and pension shock
  • Alternative therapies and stress management

I want to work off after your interest in the order. For this purpose, I have created a small survey in this blog. I would be very happy if you participate and let me know your interests. Multiple answers are also possible.

Please do not consider any of my content on this website as medical advice but as general guidance. It is essential to be guided through this time by medical professionals you trust. But hopefully, it helps if you are prepared for one situation or another, which is individual for everyone.

I would be thrilled if you could find time and write me your opinion about the website!

Please let me know what content from the above interests you most. I will control the order according to your feedback.

So I wish you a lot of helpful information and hopefully some fun reading.

All the best and good health!

Your Markus

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