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My blogs

Here you will find various blogs and posts that will hopefully encourage you to participate in surveys or leave comments.

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Introduction I can see the importance of ensuring a healthy indoor climate during the heating season when I change my cannula if I spend too much time in rooms with low humidity. So here is an essential tip for you in this short block (also applies to people without a

Main function of the filter As I have already described in my e-book, the filter that is inserted into the connector of the cannula has two essential functions: Protection against foreign bodies The filter protects the lungs from foreign objects, fine particles in the air, bacteria, viruses, pollen, etc. These

Other topics?

With this survey I want to find out which topics you are still interested in so that I can work on them in order. Please participate in the survey if one or more topics appeal to you. I will develop these as a blog post for shorter content topics or

Introduction In this blog, I look at the use of social media – especially Facebook – to gather and share information about illness. I will also briefly discuss the historical development of electronic media. I didn’t deal with my disease for a very long time. For me, it was over

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