E-books for affected persons and relatives

E-books for affected persons and relatives

My e-books

You can find my e-books on various topics relating to cancer and the effects of surgery on this page.
This is about the effects of various operations in the throat and chest area such as vocal cord paralysis, living with a cannula, but also about the topic of motivation.
I also have e-books planned on the topics of “Living with a Permanent Oxygen Supply,” “Dealing with a Diaphragmatic Palsy,” “My Daily Routine,” etc.

Please write me which contents are most interesting for you. Then I will align the order according to that. I also have other ideas and will therefore also constantly expand this list, if there is interest.
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Don't give up - motivations to keep going!

Not giving up is one of the most important factors for me. I write about how I motivate myself to do this on a daily basis in my first e-book.

Never Give UP, Zwei Leute die sich gegenseitig beim Bergsteigen unterstützen

Vocal cord paralysis - the end of the story?

I have summarized how I fared with unilateral and bilateral vocal cord paralysis and how I live with it in this e-book.

SIMPLE BREATHING - my life with a tracheal cannula

Life with a cannula in your throat sounds daunting. But is it? How I live with the cannula, what I pay attention to and how I feel about it I have summarized in this eBook.

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