About me

About me


On this page you will find all important information about me!

I am Markus Hendrich, born in 1968, long and happily married to my wife and proud father of two sons and one dog. All of them are also my co-authors, respectively helped and are helping to create the content and bring the website online.

I turned one of my hobbies, information technology, into a career and worked in this industry from 1988 to 2019, both employed and self-employed. In the process, I was able to implement a number of interesting projects with outstanding teams. Unfortunately, my illness took its toll starting in 2017 and so I had to retire on disability in 2019. Nevertheless, I am still fascinated by IT and continue to actively deal with it in retirement.

Other hobbies include hiking, fishing, skiing, motor sports and traveling with the family. A few years ago, I turned to golf with my kids, a great sport that is also very educational. I played soccer and tennis passionately in my younger years.

Unfortunately, I cannot actively pursue any of these hobbies at the moment. However, since my discharge from the hospital after my last surgery in October 2020, I have been working tirelessly on my recovery, which is progressing steadily in small steps. My goal is, together with my family, to experience good times again and maybe relive one or the other hobby. That is one of the motivations (see also the e-book about it) to get fit again and certainly my biggest one.

You can find my medical history in short form here. My motivation to launch this site, I have summarized on this page.

Your Markus

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